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Posted on 20th Sep at 3:58 AM, with 4 notes

update on my condition:

I’m eating some soup and fruits at least, I said I have a stomach infection but it’s only a suspicion, a quite severe infection points out on my blood test, but the doctors aren’t sure where it is.

I’m home now, I spent my day yesterday at the hospital, but I’m ok atm.

Posted on 19th Sep at 8:44 PM, with 1 note

how to lose 12 pounds in a week:

have multiple anxiety attacks, don’t eat at all and get a stomach infection.

love my life.

Posted on 19th Sep at 2:57 AM, with 1 note
Anonymous asked: how did the test go?

Didn’t manage, I was feeling too ill ): fortunately I was able to get it rescheduled for saturday.

Posted on 17th Sep at 8:19 PM, with 2 notes
Anonymous asked: good luck tomorrow! hope you get better too :)

thanks! I hope I get better myself!

Posted on 17th Sep at 7:52 PM, with 1 note

ugh I’ve been really ill the past few days

today went to the hospital and stayed there taking medicine in my vein in the morning, came back home and couldn’t sleep because it was like I was on speed

and tomorrow I have a big english test that will decide if I will go study in england next year


Posted on 16th Sep at 10:35 PM
Anonymous asked: I hope you're happy

I think I am now, I’ve been very ill these days with my mental health problems, but I’m getting better.

Thank you!

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